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Must Do Before Boarding Your Dog

I know there are times when a family has a dog and requires a place to attend to it while they are away, and have no one to take care of their precious pet. So there are boarding places here in Big Bear and there are people who will take them into their homes or people who will stop by daily to your home to insure that your dog has als its needs while you are away. Thank God owners like you do love and care for your dog(s).

We do have specialized places and people who do offer these services. In my personal opinion, it is not wise to just drop off your dog to any place or person as strangers. It is imperative that you introduce your dog to the main person who is to care for your dog before being dropped off. If not, then separation anxiety can become an issue and your dog can invert to other behavioral issues that can be problematic for you and your dog.

Take the time and money to pay this person to come over to your home and be properly introduced to your dog. Let them take your dog for a walk and exercise to imprint your dogs mind with a good feeling to that person. This introduction will ease your dog's tension and make it feel comfortable while you are away. If you dog is familiar with this person, then separation anxiety will not develop. Dogs do not have long time memory so they will associate this new person with trust and security and this is what a dog needs while you are gone.

I board dogs at my house and give them the attention, exercise, freedom, training and trust that they need to continue to be a happy dog. Like myself, there are others here on the mountain that can provide the same services, but not the training. That's OK, as long as your dog is happy and secure, which is the most important concern.

So remember, if you are to take your dog to a new place for boarding, go and talk to an employee that will be the attentive one and ask them to come over and introduce them self to your dog. So, when you leave, your dog will have a person to rely on, trust and feel secure with each day. Your dog will love you for it and no problems will exist upon your return.

Be kind to your dogs, they do love you and trust you.....

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