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A Dog's Taste

This article will simply amaze you! It will change what you thought and what is truth when it comes to a dog's smell and taste of food. I hope you enjoy this set of facts that will astound you.

At birth, there are only two sensory functions that are working, these are touch and taste. Smell and taste are two completely different when it comes to a dog. We humans have about 9,000 taste buds and a dog has only 1706 comparable. As related to taste to humans, we are much superior to the enjoyment of taste. Dogs do have the same as humans when it comes to sweet, sour, bitter and salty. A dogs taste comes to a break down of three which are pleasant, indifferent and unpleasant.

Dogs prefer canned meat to fresh meat, cooked meat to raw and meat to cereal. A dogs appetite was affected by the taste, texture and smell of the food. This includes a dog being affected by the owners preferences and amount of food given by the feeder. Finally, a dog's social and physical environment affects its eating habits. I would say that 30% of dogs in Brittan and the United States are overweight. There are two causes for this, one being that the owner is overweight and the second is that the dog is fed a lot of table scraps or just over fed with little exercise. Believe it or not, it is best to leave food available for your dog to eat through the day so they can have many small meals in-between their daily physical routines. When a dog is fed twice a day, they are usually very hungry and eat everything before they know they are in over their stomachs. Don't get me wrong, table scraps are fine, but everything in moderation.

It has been proven that dogs like warm food compared to cold. Once a dog smells the food, it no longer is required, what is left for the dog is the texture and taste. Dogs almost, always, prefer beef over all other meats. A dog's eating behavior also is reflected by the owners preferred preference. Meaning, they pick up the human owners taste and acquire eating habits. Palatability for a dog is based on the odor of the food first, then it's texture , then finally, it's taste.

I hope this gives you thought the next time you feed your best friend.

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