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Check out our students and their dogs in the following videos!


David is documenting the progress of his clients and updating often, so visit this page regularly to stay up to date on videos.

Dog Aggression on People
Dog Vs Car
Charity for Veterans
Housekeeper Tormented

Books Promo

Blue: Search & Rescue
Leave my Food Aone
Communication w/ Energy
Protection Video Promo
Parachute Exercising
Melissa's Dog Heeling
Aggression Shepherd
Ida Practicing Bite Work
 Holly's Rehabilitation
 Niki Bolting (Not)

Lowjack vs Kitten

Dealing with Aggression: Indo
Obedient Indo
Ida working on Ball Drive for 
Canine Narcotic Detection​

Walking a Dog Correctly

Teaching Off Leash
Have a Calm Walk
Two Aggressive Rottweilers
Excited Anxiety Pitbull
Two Aggressive Pitts at Home
Claiming Food
Great Dane Anxiety with no Rules, Boundaries & Limitations
Walking your Dog
Lancaster Pup Aggression
Little Girl Walks Active Dog
Group Class
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