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Dog Owner Tips

1. Do not feed your pet at least two hours before training

2. Stop giving any treats unless in training at home

3. Keep training and playing seperate

4. Rewards and praise are only given after completion of command

5. Keep commands to one word, such as Stay or Sit

6. Keep training at home 15 minutes, 3 times a day

7. Be generous with your affection

8. Have realistic expectations, do not rush for results

9. You get what you reinforce (Bad Habits)

10. Do not give your dog too much freedom at or in your home, you must remain the leader.

11. Good behavior from our dogs comes from good habits from owners

12. Do not give food to begging dogs

13. Do not feel sorry for your dog, be patient. It is a virtue

14. Take your dog for walks as much as you can, they need the exercise, without it, they tend to bark, chew and so forth from boredom.

Info: Did you know if you want to know which direction North is, watch what direction your dog is pointing to when taking his poo poo? Check it out….

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