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Owner/Pack Leader Tips

Training Your Dog with Correctness

  1. Take a deep breath and remain calm at all times

  2. Use the command word only once and be patient untill your dog obeys then praise and/or give treat

  3. Do not get excited at any time. This only excites your dog more

  4. Any emotions you have during training will travel down the leash to your dog

  5. Stand your ground and claim your space

  6. Do not wear sunglasses during training. Your dog needs eye contact with you. This is how they communicate by facial recognition

  7. Keep your dogs attention on you. Everytime they divert their attention to someone or something else, give them a nudge in the ribs or chest to redirect their attention back to you.

  8. Never train your dog until they are in a submissive state. They can not hear or see you when they are in a red line mentality.

You must be the pack leader at all times. There is a time for play and a time for obedience. you must learn to know when to turn on and off the switch inside your dogs head. Dogs should be respectfull at all times.

Now go enjoy your dog and take a leadership role….

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