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Keep Calm and Be A Pack Leader

Non-Communitive Verbal Commands in Training

Most owners have a human nature, go figure, to think that if they voice their commands repedietely over and over that the dog wil finally get it.. Wrong..

When your dog is at a level 3 or above in energy, anxiety, worried or in protection mode, they can not hear or see you. You no longer exist. For a dog to be able to learn and understand what you are requesting, they must be in a submission attitude. This means relaxed and attention given to you with eyes to eyes contact. If your dog is in a level four or five or higher, you must repond in getting their attention back on you and you only, by giving a nudge to the chest or side of body a higher degree of excitement or anxiety. This does not hurt the dog. What you are doing is responding to the dog as a pack leader and communicating in dog language that they understand..

In the beginning... (Sound Familiar) Lol

Make sure your dog is in a submissive state before any training. You must wait patiently untill the excitement is lowered to a calm state. It is human nature not to want to wait for your dog to relax. But you must or the conditions of behavior will not cease. Once you have your dogs attention using, clicker, treats or nothing at all, extend your hand out with index finger also extended pointed to the ground. Do not say a word but wait patiently and your dong will finally take a sitting or laying down position. Once this is accomplished, you must immediately give treat or praise to your dog and know what you expect on this hand gesture. Repeat for 15 minutes at least twice a day for three days and give yourself a hand. You have just done a great thing for your dog.

This is only one example of non-communicative commands. There are many more.......

Just remember that when your dog is in a high energy or anxiety mode, it is like a human meth or cocaine freak running around in circles licking their lips. This is not a great feeling to be in, even for your dog. Your dog is not happy in this state. So take control and be a pack leader......

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