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Human Psychology vs. Dog Psychology

As humans, it starts with miscommunication, or good intentions vs. perception. Humans and dogs do speak different languages. People are extremely verbal, whereas, dogs are extremely non-verbal. Dogs communication consist of eye contact, body language and reading energy. Have you ever met someone and just got this weird feeling that something is wrong or their energy and body movements make you nervous?

Dogs love to follow strong and confident personalities, They do not follow marshmallows or people that are soft. They will not follow anyone who is low voiced or interpreted as weak or unstable. Examples, Are you anxious when your dog is misbehaving? Do you ever feel sorry for your dog and feel like you have to rescue them? Do you feel guilty for not giving your dog enough exercise and so forth? Your dogs know what your are feeling by the energy that you release. Have you ever been excited and found your dog extremely excited with you? You must be strong and confident around your dog, especially during training or corrective action. Take a deep breath before you start communicating with your dog. Perceive in your mind what you want your dog to do and it will happen/ remember to always stay calm, firm and assertive.

Dogs unlike humans, will have a litter of pups and ignore or push away the weakest pup. Survival of the fittest. Whereas, humans will run at full speed to save the weak. As far as the animal kingdom, this is what is to be acceptable behavior.

Dogs need to know that you are the pack leader and if you are not, they will sure to lead you where ever they want to go. Never let a dog walk in front of you during your walks. This means they are leading you and can be dominant or protective towards other humans and dogs that may come by. It is very important to have your dog in a calm state before you leave the house. This helps in them not chewing your furniture or excessive barking at every one that passes by.

There are three things you must learn and do to instill confidence, trust and loyalty from your dog, they are patience, persistence and consistence. These three things will insure success with your dog. Remember, rules, limitations and boundaries insure freedom and happiness in your dog.

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