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                                 11 Things you may know as Facts on Dogs

There have been many advances made dogs that are known as facts. Many humans may never accept because they see their fury friend as a human and communicate from a human psychology point of view. Which is why dogs become confused and start developing issues. Many resulting in insecurity, nervousness and fear. Most dogs will eventually move on to the next cause of action, which is aggression. What really goes through the mind of a dog?

1. Dogs Can Dream

Have you ever watched your dog sleep? They will sometimes twitch, shake, move their paws like they are walking or running and either barking or crying. Dogs share similar sleep patterns as humans. Their sleep is like in the same way as humans. These movements during sleep are caused by a dog seeing an old friend, running in the Park, going somewhere new, playing or chasing an animal, such as a squirrel. Their dreams are usually Happy dreams, but they can have bad dreams from abuse or seeing a nemesis.

2. Dogs do Communicate with Barking

As many of you have noticed, there are many different types of barking. A sharp bark means that they are alerting you to seeing another dog or human stranger. Like a toddler crying when they want attention or food, they will bark excessively until they get what they want. Owners will be manipulated by their dogs because they are impatient and don't have the time to correct this behavior. All this will do is reinforce this bad behavior.

3. Dogs are as Smart as a Toddler

Dogs have the intelligence, understanding and emotions of a 2 1/2-year-old human toddler. Dogs know how to manipulate their human owners by getting what they want by repetition of certain circumstances. They cannot think or figure out complex questions, but they learn very quickly what works and what does not work in their favor. They have the capacity to understand the tone of over 100 words of the human language. Commands should only be said once, any additional words or sentences is only gibberish to a dog. They also can devise tricks to play on humans or other dogs.

4. Dog's Vocal Tones

As I mentioned in number 3, dogs do understand the different tones in the human language. Example, you can say your dog's name in several ways and get a completely different reaction. A high pitch tone will excite your dog; however, an angry tone will frighten or make your dog feel sad. If you are afraid in your voice, then a dog will come rushing in to protect you. Tones of pain from a human may elicit comfort from your dog but if another dog has pain, they usually will attack and kill it. Remember. your dog is an animal first and in the animal world they kill the weak.

5. A Dog's Tail Wag

Just because your dog's tail is wagging does not always mean that it is Happy. It is a little bit more complex then than you thought. It is true that when a dog is Happy, they will wag their tails, but only to the right. If a dog wag it's tail to the left, then it means fear. Low tail wagging is an indication of nervousness, and a rapid tail wag means a sign of aggression. A slow wagging tail means that the dog is alert and focused on something or someone. A human stranger should never go up to a dog and pet them, because in many cases there is miscommunication of tail wagging, and a dog may attack.

6. Dog's do get Jealous

Dogs do have emotions, such as, happiness, fear, sadness and jealously. A scientific test was given with two dogs being given the same task but only one would get a treat upon approval of action from the human. The one that was not given a treat, showed signs of jealousy by avoiding contact with the other dog, agitation and even nipping at the rewarded dog. A dog does not care what it is given as a reward, meaning you can give one dog a piece of steak and the other a piece of a hot dog, to a g, there is no jealousy because a reward is just a reward, not what type of food was given.

7. Dog's do not have Guilt in their Eyes

It is normal for a human to see guilt in a dog's eyes rather than sadness. Many have experienced coming home and seeing a mess with the trash or a pile of Poo on the carpet and see actually sadness and not guilt. A dog has no guilt, for they are not sorry for any action it has taken. However, by the sound of anger in a human tone, will bring sadness because the dog knows it will be punished as a course of discipline. There is no remorse, but sadness from the disapproval from their owner and best friend. Dogs do not frame other animals for an act and it is just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just knowing that their owner is upset, brings on sadness in those doggy eyes.

8. Dogs do Learn from Observation of other Dogs

A dog can learn from another dog as a mentor. They can distinguish what behavior is accepted and what is not accepted. They watch how another dog reacts to commands and what reward is offered. I can introduce a dog to another dog and watch the body language and it confirms what I suspected as an issue. Dogs learn very quickly from the other dog in what a human expects in regard to commands. Dogs will imitate another dogs' actions. Many dog fights of more than two dogs is that the other dogs just pick up the same action of aggression, imitating the first dog of action.

9. Dogs do not have Revenge in their Action

Many humans think that their dog is taking revenge on them for a punishment for an action such as chewing up a pillow. Or, if an owner did not walk or play with their dog one day and the dog takes a Poo again on the carpet, the human thinks it is revenge. Dogs live in the Now and cannot comprehend the past and look into the future and have a plan of attack or revenge. Hey, do not dwell in what happen longer than two minutes ago, for they have no memory. They are more evolved than us humans because they can let things go as if it never happened. Dogs are not capable of vengeance or plan out attacks against anyone, however, they do react to an immediate threat or action.

10. Dogs Thrive on Love and Attention

Dogs need a lot of attention and love. But to be completely happy, they need discipline more. Dogs are natural followers and not leaders. Rules, boundaries and limitations must be present in every household. Many humans give love and attention without any discipline. This will develop into some high energy and anxiety in many dogs. Do not get a dog unless you are willing to invest the time into all three mentioned above. A dog will become dominant and confused, which will result in unhappiness. Discipline is not beating or hitting your dog. It is demonstration what you expect from your dog with body language as the main factor.

11. Dogs do Fall in Love

It has been proven in scientific studies that dogs do fall in love and become attached to one individual over the others in the same household. It's that simple... A loyalty that will never end. They truly are a human's best friend. Hopefully, by reading this article, you will also learn how to be a best friend to you dog.


"Living in the Now"

If you want peace, wisdom and know life's secrets, then see through your dogs eyes and walk a mile in his paws.


We, humans, all should take a lesson from our canine friends. I personally believe that dogs are more evolved than us. What would it be like to have no past and not be able to think about the future? No past mistakes and no idea of what the future may hold for us. Think of how it would feel like if the only thing we knew was at this moment in time. Living in the moment would release us from any quilt in the past and no plans to think about what we could do tomorrow , next week or even next month. Life without guilt would free us from all the baggage that we carry each and everyday. The future would not exist and not to have a schedule to meet or always thinking what path we should take today to ensure the future we envision. 


Stop what you are doing and look around and take in everything that you see, hear, touch and smell. Think about it, at this very moment, this is all we have and know. As the saying goes, “Stop and smell the flowers”. Try it for a day, not to revisit the past and not to imagine what will happen in the next couple of hours. Forget about any appointments that need to be kept, no timeline to keep and no thoughts to be reckoned or dealt with at any time.


 Life unfolds in the present. But so often, we let the present slip away, allowing time to rush past unobserved and unseized, and squandering the precious seconds of our lives as we worry about the future and ruminate about what's past.


Just take in everything around you and really live in the NOW… No pressures and no mistakes. You would see life in a totally new and rewarding way. Do everything in the present as slow as you can by doing less, stripping away everything else, like a sculptor. Try doing nothing but taking in all around you, just focus on the present and nothing else. Try talking to someone and be present, listening to every word that the speak, without thought. Be present on each word. Eat slowly and enjoy and savor your food. Remember, that dogs can only think and act on one thing at a time. So, living in the moment and all attention on one action, this is an amazing feat that we as humans should consider doing as much as possibe.


Dogs can only live in the “now”. This is why they are always content and happy. No worries about what they should have done and doing it without regret.


Humans never enjoy moments, but rather, we dwell on regrets, guilt, future possible mistakes or gains. How can anyone enjoy life in this state of mind.


Dogs have no memories and no thought process. They literally live in the now. This moment in time is all they know and feel. The freedom of living in the now, will set you free and you truly will understand what love entails. Loving every moment and no expectations.

So, try it and enjoy this enlightenment given to us from our “best friends”. This is truly, the gift of life.

 Most Common Triggers for Aggression Found in Dogs




1. Believe it or not, kids cause many bites from dogs because of their unusual and sporadic movements that will put a dog in a prey state of mind. When a child approaches a dog face to face trying to pet it, the dog takes this action as a confrontation of dominance. Especially when a dog has issues such as insecurity, fear or domination. Don not separate the dog every time a child is present, this will only make the next meeting even worse. Consult a professional to assist in teaching the human owner how to properly introduce a dog to a child.


Skate Boards & Bikes


2. Many dogs have a prey drive when it comes to bikes, skateboards or anything on wheels. Their reward is to bark excessively and lunge forward to attack until the wheels travel away from the dog. The dog then feels it scared and protected its territory from the wheels leaving the area.  This is the same action when a dog will bark and chase along the fence line when a UPS or postman truck drives by your house. Consult a professional to assist in desensitizing the dog from a prey drive to a calm state of mind in the presence of the wheels.


Approaching Too Fast


3. Dogs do not like to be approached too fast by strangers when they out stretch their hands in the dogs face and when talking in a high pitched voice at the same time. Think of it this way, how would to feel if a stranger walked up fast and got in your face with their hands, You would feel threatened and unsure of their actions. You might even, strike them in the face.?


Hugging & Kissing


4. Dogs do not like to be hugged. It is domination and makes a dog feel threatened and uncomfortable. Kissing face to face also is unbearable. Over time a dog will learn to accept it from the owners because of their love and devotion towards the human pack leader. If a stranger attempts to do it, they just may get a nip in the face.


Overstimulation or Excited


5. If a dog is in an excited state of mind and energy, this can lead to an aggressive dog instantly. A dog can not learn or be rehabilitated unless it is in a “calm state of mind”, which take patience and knowing how to red the dog’s body language. A dog can go from 0 to 10 in overstimulation


Immobilizing a Dog


6. If you corner a dog in a time when the dog is in a fearful or in a dominate state of  mind, this will insure that it dog will react with aggression. Avoid immobilizing a dog without a professional being present. A canine behaviorist has the knowledge and experience in dealing with aggression.




7. Never punish your dog by hitting or yelling at it. This only makes the human feel better. The best way to correct your dog is by non verbal communication but by 100% body language. Consult a professional regarding any correction and the proper techniques required to stop unwanted behavior.


Dog Aggression


8. It is always best to confront a dog with dog aggression is not by separating them but to have them sit about 3 feet apart and let them calm down and then let them go, so that the last trigger in their arsenal is a calm state of mind in the presence of the other dog(s). Now, if you take the dog out of it’s secure environment outside the home and yard and is confronted by 20 plus dogs, then the dog must rely on its dog senses and start to use it’s nose. Aggressive dogs always use eyes and ears only, in which case, aggression is the only outcome. In order to properly correct a dog in aggression, it is best to consult a professional.


Defending Territory


9. Dogs are a territorial animal that will defend the house or yard as a protector of it’s pack. You must earn first trust and then respect. Once this is done, the dog will only attack upon the smell of fear in you. If you are the pack leader, then the dog will have no need to bark excessively or feel the need to protect the pack, if you are in a calm state of mind yourself. However, if the dog knows you are weak then and only then will it protect its territory.


Lack of Exercise


10. If a dog is not properly exercise, many issues will arise. Issues such as insecurity, fear, anxiety, frustration, high energy and then of course, aggression being the outcome. The second most important factor is mental stimulation. The only way to expel the energy is through constant pacing and chewing. This begins a ritual and aggression will always appear. Vet bills becomes very expensive. Just because you have a large yard or walk the dog for 30 minutes on a leash, this is not exercise by confinement. Take the dog to a dog park or throw a ball in unfamiliar area to the dog, I guarantee within two days, you will not recognize your own dog.



Any form of aggression should be handled by a Canine Behaviorist and not a Trainer for the best results in your dog beginning a new life as a dog. They will appreciate it and show their continual support and love.

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