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How would you feel to learn during the Evaluation that you could have immediate control over your dog's issues and have those behaviors changed permanently right in front of your eyes? This is what David can do for you. David Scott is now serving the areas of Yucaipa, Ca. and surrounding Cities.

David only charges for one dog no matter how many dogs you have. Dogs learn by observation. All other trainers charge per dog which is a rip off in this industry. Call for more details in your area.

Evaluations are done in your home. The Behaviorist, David Scott, must see how the dog(s) interact with the human owner(s) in their own territory. This allows David to observe and interpret the dog(s) body language for an accurate evaluation. A dog cannot learn in a Group Setting or at a park with treats.

It is important to see the dog in its own environment with their owner's interaction.  Dog trainers use massive number of treats and shock collars. Board and training places use shock collars in which David is strongly against. How can a dog learn through pain and fear, they cannot? Basically, David Scott will give you an education in Canine Psychology by the end of your training session.  Dog issues must be addressed in the home where the entire pack lives. You will learn how to actually have a conversation with your dog without using words or sentences. A Behaviorist fees are much less than any Board training or Dog Trainer because the behavior changes immediately through communication.

Many dog issues can be addressed permanently during the Evaluation. Within minutes of the Behaviorist arrival, he will own your dog and your house. Meaning, your dog will have direct eye contact and will obey all commands communicating through body language and energy. The Behaviorist will at this time teach your dog not to exit the house while the door is left open and will not leave until permission is granted and will address two issues such as high energy and any other unacceptable trait and immediately change that behavior into an acceptable response.
Then you will be explained how to get an immediate response from your dog and teach you how to do the same by learning to communicate with your dog at the dog's level of understanding. You will also be assisted in understanding how a dog processes it's understanding through their eyes of perception,
By the end of the Evaluation, you will be advised on what issues the dog has and how many sessions it will take to finalize the rehabilitation to make your dog calm and happy and listen to every request you may have by using the methods of communication.
The Evaluation is a far cry from any other experiences you may have endured through other "so called trainers or limited behaviorist" who use treats and a high-pitched voice which only transfers more unwanted energy into your dog. The Evaluation is worth every penny if not more.


There have been many times that the Evaluation is all it takes to teach the human and rehabilitate the dog(s) without any further training. In many cases also, depending on what issues need to be addressed will take anywhere from three to eight sessions to accomplish all the tasks. I see my clients generally once a week and give Homework assignments to work on until the next class. I charge a one-time fee and I stay instructing until all is done, including insecurity, fear, anxiety, high energy, aggression, socialization, either dog on dog or dog on human. Once training has been completed, you will be able to have company over without your dog jumping on them, leaving the front door wide open and your dog will not exit the house unless given permission, no jumping on furniture, no more growling or nipping on people or other dogs and being able to go to any dog park or restaurant and so forth. Check out the videos, reviews, and articles on this website or by purchasing my book on Amazon. David Scott has a 100% success rate. Sit back and watch the magic begin... My methods are easy, it is the humans who are complicated and passes the anxiety, confusion and frustration to their dogs.

Why not have a HAPPY life with your best friend instill of living a live behind your dog and their actions. Stop being a prisoner in your own home. 

PDavid has been training, rehabilitating dogs and teaching humans how to communicate with their dogs for a period of forty years. He has read many books related to canine psychology and sociology and scientific studies which did enlighten him and disappointed him in some of the information that has been in print by some so called experts. He bases all his knowledge and experience with hands on training and techniques over the years. It still amazes David that even today, some books that have been published recently can still be further from the truth as it relates to dogs and their basic understanding of life with us as being part of their pack.


Dogs are simple creatures with the most beautiful understanding of what true love is between human and canine. We, as humans always over complicate and can destroy such a relationship between man and animal. David hopes that this book will explain and assist humans to truly see their dog for what they really are: the most loyal, loving and fully committed animal to humans that will ever exist. A dog can be destroyed by miscommunication between human and dog. Many people every day that should not have any type of relationship, let alone deserve a relationship with a dog, due to their failure to commit time, money, love and exercise to bring the dog's "state of mind" to be balanced.


David Scott has developed a method of communication with dogs "Without Saying a Word". He can walk into a room and own a dog within minutes or even less. 


He truly knows that by reading this book, you will have a new perspective and appreciation of what a true interconnection and clear understanding to learn how to correctly communicate with your dog(s). Remember always that dogs need exercise, discipline and then affection in this order. Without rules, limitations, and boundaries, your dog will begin to have issues. All issues that go unchecked will always have an outcome of aggression.


Working with a canine behaviorist will change your dog's life but more importantly change your life, so David wrote this book to express to you a full understanding of a relationship between people and dogs that will change your life and perspective to a new or to renewed true bond and alliance with your best friend. You will no longer need treats or to repeat commands again. ​

To order this book, go to Amazon.com ​


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When Should You Hire a Canine Behaviorist?

Animal Behaviorists apply the principles of animal behavior science while studying how animals interact with each other and their environment, while rehabilitating the dog(s) without using treats. David believes in communicating with the dog's mind to change unwanted behavior to wanted behavior. This is accomplished in minutes, not weeks. A Behaviorist will research a dog's methods of communication, instinctual responses, learning methods, psychology and social interaction with other dogs and humans. A canine behaviorist rehabilitates dogs and teaches humans how to better communicate and correct unwanted behavior appropriately. Working with a behaviorist can make a huge difference in a short amount of time.


Here are some examples of when you should hire a good professional dog behaviorist-


  1.  Barks uncontrollably when someone knocks or rings the doorbell

  2. Jumps on people as they enter the house

  3. Jumps on furniture

  4. Bolts out the door

  5. Runs loose in the neighborhood

  6. Is the first one out the door when leaving the house

  7. Food aggression

  8. Does not get along with other dogs

  9. Barks and runs uncontrollably at the fence

  10. Limit high energy roughness in the house

  11. Begs for food

  12. Takes food left attended

  13. Gets into the trash

  14. Does not come on command (Recall)

  15. Nips at people or other dogs

  16. Fearful of noises, people, objects or other dogs

  17. High energy or excited constantly

  18. Anxiety or separation anxiety

  19. Attacks anything on wheels

  20. Chewing

  21. Domination towards people or other dogs

  22. Growling or shows teeth

  23. Jealously

  24. Is in lead position or drags you on walks

  25. Does not trust or respect you as pack leader

  26. Are you embarrassed by your dog's behavior in public?

  27. Any behavior or action that is unwanted

28   Cannot walk off leash without lunging at other people or dogs

Working with a highly skilled behaviorist can make a huge difference in a short amount of time. It is best to pick a trainer that has a track history and many references.


It is much easier to have someone come and teach you how to communicate with your dog and to act as a temporary pack leader until you are ready to take over as pack leader.



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